Google brings second-gen Nest Hub to India, but key features are missing

A morning view on the second-generation Google Nest Hub.

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


Google first launched the second-generation Nest Hub almost a year ago, delivering better audio, gesture support, and sleep tracking functionality. It’s clearly taken a while then, but the company has finally brought this smart display to India.

The second-generation Nest Hub retails for Rs 7,999 (~$108) in India, which means it’s slightly more expensive than the $99 US price tag. Unfortunately, you’re paying a little more but getting a lot less with this regional variant.

Google representatives confirmed to Android Authority that several prominent features aren’t available to Indian consumers due to the reliance on Soli radar:

Some of the key headline features like sleep sensing is not functioning in the device (sic) because it is based on the same Soli radar technology that was used in Pixel 4. It is currently not cleared for use in India.

Soli is also used for gesture controls on the Nest Hub, allowing you to hover your hand over the display to pause and play content. So it seems like Indian consumers will be missing out on this feature too.

The Soli radar functionality requires local regulatory approval, and we previously saw the Soli-equipped Pixel 4 series missing India completely as a result. But it looks like Google may have simply decided to release the new Nest Hub in India anyway while presumably disabling the Soli chip completely.

In any event, the smart display is available from today in Chalk and Charcoal colorways via Flipkart, Tata Cliq, and Reliance Digital at first.

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