Nvidia Shield TV Android 11 update rolling out now



With that in mind, the Nvidia Shield TV Android 11 upgrade is rolling out now to the entire line. Yes, that even includes the original Shield TV from 2015. This represents that box’s twenty-seventh update. When it launched, it had Android Lollipop, which seems like it came out eons ago.

One can only imagine how long the latest Shield TV devices will see updates. Those launched in 2019, so they have plenty of time to go.

Nvidia Shield TV Android 11 features and offers

With the Android 11 update (listed as Shield Software Experience Upgrade 9.0), Nvidia Shield TV devices get new features and improvements. There’s an updated Gboard that will make typing in search boxes easier, for one. There’s also now support for aptX-compatible headphones, which is a nice treat. Obviously, the standard Android 11 upgrades are present, too, which includes the revamped permissions system for enhanced privacy.

To celebrate the Nvidia Shield TV Android 11 update, the company is offering new owners six free months of Peacock Premium. This streaming network gives you unlimited access to shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Yellowstone, and live sports. If you buy a Shield TV and log in with your Google account (or make a new one), you should see a Peacock Premium banner. Just tap that and take advantage of the deal!

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Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV

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