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Windows 11 laptop snipping tool key

Palash Volvoikar / Android Authority

👋 Good morning! Is gm reserved for the crypto people now?

Computer sales keep rising

canalys pc 2022 pics 2
PCs and Macs just kept shipping: Canalys data late yesterday indicates that PC shipments grew 15% year over year in 2021, up 27% over 2019 numbers, for a total of 341 million units sold.

Big 3 (plus 1):

canalys pc 2022 pics 1

2022 outlook:

More than one PC:



📁 Google’s Pixel Fold, presumed to not launch, still has details emerging: The latest Android 12L beta suggests a stubbier design than its main competition (Android Authority).

A picture of a hand holding the original Apple iPhone.

Yes, it’s been 15 years since the iPhone was first announced, something pretty well looked back on for the past week or two. January 9 was the date back in 2007, when Steve Jobs took the wraps off, with the words: “An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator…are you getting it?”

I didn’t see much new come out of the 15th anniversary: lots of books and interviews have exhausted much of the “…this is what I did working for Steve Jobs” insider stuff. But what is already out there shouldn’t be missed:

Some quotes:


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.

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